How Can You Make Pesticides At Home?

While insects will haunt you in your garden, there is also tendency for them to enter into your house as well. This is one of the primary reasons as to why many people are desperately seeking for pesticides that may help them overcome this issue. However, purchasing these through stores means buying products that include high chemical components, which might even be harmful to your health. Therefore, it is advisable to turn to more natural and homemade methods that might assist you in this cause, as given below.

Oil spray

This type of insecticide is very simple to make. You can simply go to your kitchen and find the basic ingredients that are needed to make this particular spray. Adding a bit of mild soap to vegetable oil and mixing them has the ability to do the trick. In Fact, it is easy to make and will surely help you to get rid of some of the most troublesome bugs that come to your home and garden. The basic formula is to mix one tablespoon of soap to one cup of vegetable oil. Remember to shake well before use, so that you can witness optimum performance.

Soap spray

As you will need to safely remove the issue of insects in your house, finding a household pest or a garden wrecking bug remedy may seem a little difficult. You do not want your family members to inhale or get in contact with any harmful chemicals that you use on these insects. Therefore, you can simply make a soap spray for these bugs and prevent any hard that could be caused to your garden or home, ensuring the safety of the people living around at the same time.

Neem oil

Your bed bug removal at home and insect removal in the garden can also be done by the use of neem oil. If you have not heard of neem oil before, here’s a basic fact; this oil is commonly extracted from the seed that comes to life through the neem tree. This is considered to be a highly natural and effective insecticide, as bugs of all stages can be destroyed through this, leaving you with a hassle free life.


This is another widely used form of insecticide to keep your garden safe from insects with termite control. An insect free garden will ensure an insect free home. Therefore, with the help of garlic, you may be able to first take care of the garden, which in turn will protect your home from the deadly insects that you never wish would invade your house.