Why To Install Picket Fencing?

Picket fencing is used just as the symbolization for the property. But now this has become the part of the culture. The picket fencing will mark the boundary of the property and also symbolize that others are not allowed to trespass in the property. If we see the structure of the picket fence, it seems vulnerable. Anyone can easily cross it or it even doesn’t provide complete visibility. In the case of extreme weathers, the picket fencing can also get damaged. Even then why people install picket fencing in Perth and it is still getting popular not in rural areas but also urban.

  1. Functionality: The functionality of the picket fence is to mark the boundary and the serve this purpose very well. When you are living in a closed community where everyone knows each other and communal living is preferred, then why to extend boundaries by building walls. Installing the picket fence will give a sense of openness and there is nothing to hide. In the world, where boundaries are getting invisible among countries then why to have rigid boundaries among houses.
  2. Aesthetic: The picket fencing increases the aesthetic of your house, garden and pathway. IF you have built a beautiful house and also had an amazing garden in front of it. Then it doesn’t seem logical to hide it behind a rigid wall, especially when there is no fear of any intruder coming into your house (in communal living, neighbours keep watch for such things). Installing picket fencing will enhance the facade of your house and your property will seem bigger. With ideal maintenance of your house and garden, the picket fencing will make your house, ideal post-card picture.
  3. Economical: Building the brick wall and then painting it every season is not cheap. Instead of installing the picket fencing is easy, they require minimal maintenance and very economical to install the first time. Even in case of breakage, the picket fencing can easily be repaired or replaced. When you are not worried about security or barring the others from looking into your property. Investing in the brick wall seems like a waste of money
  4. Added Value: The Closed bricked wall seems to enclosed your house. Nobody can have a good view from in or outside your house. But picket fencing will enhance the view of the house. The feeling of openness will add value to your property. 

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