Ways To Replace MacBook Battery

If you are the MacBook owner then before buying your MacBook, there will be certain things in your mind that led you to buy Apple MacBook. These parameters will be performance, durability and great battery backup. Now numerous brands make high-performance laptop and undoubtedly, they have given the great challenge to MacBook niche. But still, whenever you think of performance and battery time, the MacBook will always be first to come in your mind. From the last two decades, MacBook is the leading laptop in its category and once you get hooked with MacBook, then it’s very difficult to settle on any other laptop. Due to its efficient operating system, MacBook better performance is superior. But the battery is the hardware, that will be losing its life with time. After 2-3 years you will be noticing the decline in battery performance. Any MacBook user will hate this situation but it will deem to happen, cannot be denied. Now when you face such a situation, then always try to have macbook battery replacement done properly to avoid any future problem. Because if you replace the MacBook battery with any faulty battery, it will damage your laptop and in case if it keeps working, it will reduce the life of your MacBook.

There are a few ways that will ensure the right replacement of your MacBook battery.


This is the best way to get the replacement of your battery, if your laptop is under warranty then you will be getting the new battery and it will be handled by Apple Repair Services, you will be sure that the experts have handled your laptop.  The good thing is that you don’t have to pay any extra cost for it. Even Apple allows you to extend your warranty with some added amount.

Apple Authorized Service Centre:

This is the second-best option to opt, usually, Apple recommends if you can get it done directly from the company then it is ideal to go for the authorized service centre. There you have to pay for the battery replacement along with service charges. But you will get complete job satisfaction. Even they will provide a money-back guarantee or warranty for a limited period.

Professional Computer Repair:

Maybe you are in the area where you can find both above options. Then go for the most professional computer expert in your area, who have a good track record of replacing MacBook Battery. At least you will be sure that any expert person has worked on your laptop. But again, you will be paying the amount as asked, you will have less option of any bargain.


This is the unsafe option, first of all, you have to buy the original battery and you must possess the right tool to open your MacBook. Then replace the old battery with the new one. But there are chances that during the procedure, you might damage your laptop or the battery if not fitted properly by yourself.

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